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Summer Home Improvements

Home Improvements for Summer

Home Improvements for Summer

Summer Home ImprovementsSummer is a great time to make changes and additions to your home. Making an addition to your home, no matter how large or small, can be a welcomed change to your house and increase its value. If you’ve been hoping to make some changes or additions, here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Add trees and low maintenance plants like shrubbery to your lawn for curb appeal. Adding mulch or wood chips around your plants will also make them look tidy and prevent weeds from growing. According to, hedges alone raise property values by 3.6 percent. Looking for a more unique set up? If you have the room, why not start growing your own vegetables? Vegetables such as, tomatoes and peppers don’t require much room to grow, plus you can fertilize them with compost from old food scraps.

Home Improvements For Summer - GreeneryRelaxation & Recreation

With the kids out of school and guests at your house, it’s great to have a spot for sport, recreation, and relaxation. Consider building a basketball court or a tennis court for your guests and kids. A playground would be warmly received by your children. Simpler projects, such as a sandbox or slide are great for children and can keep them occupied for hours. Your guests would also enjoy a nice recreational spot and simple sports activities, so install a badminton net or build a horseshoe pit.


Are you looking to add more fencing for privacy at your home? You have an abundance of options, depending on your budget and aesthetic. Popular choices include wood, vinyl, composite, wrought iron, aluminum, and cedar. There are pros and cons to each variety, of course. If you already have fencing, consider getting an upgrade. Chain-link fencing can become warped and rusted over time, while wooden fencing can become faded, chipped, and damaged from seasonal weather. There’s no reason to replace the whole fence if only a part of it is damaged, fresh paint and tidying up around it can give your yard a whole new look.

Alternatively, hedges and bushes can function in the same way as fences, but hold more aesthetic appeal. Hedges and bushes can be a great alternative if you’re willing to put in the extra work and landscaping.


Driveway Beautification

Similar to fencing, driveways can also become cracked and damaged due to seasonal weather and the summer season is the best time to repair it. Whether you use an asphalt company or know how to do it yourself, make sure to plan around the time it takes for the new coat to seal and dry. This way your driveway won’t have damage while it dries.


Basement Updates

Many basements remain unfinished and under-furnished, leaving the potential for the space untapped. Finishing a basement will increase the size of your home, allowing you to add a bedroom or two, a bathroom or recreation space. Basements can provide a cool place to be in the summer and add a nice spot to store excess items you may not have room for. Add some new carpeting, furnish the walls and add lights to create a whole new environment in your basement space. While you’re updating the basement space, it’s also a good time to check for any mildew, foundation cracks, or leaks that may have occurred over a period of time. Make sure to report anything you see to your insurance agent before it gets worse.

In fact, always remember to report anything you see or expand on in your home. You don’t want to be deep in debt because your current policy can’t cover the additional value.


We hope you make a lot of progress this summer with your home and have a strong sense of accomplishment. Make sure to contact your insurance agent and let them know about the improvements in case of an accident! It’s important that all the hard work on your house is properly covered.

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