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Special Members of our AMSkier Family

Family and Interns are Special Members of our AMSkier Family

A distinguishing feature of a relationship with AMSkier is an opportunity to learn, to collaborate about new ideas, and to be among dedicated people whose skillfulness and experience build pride, happiness and rewards for work well-done.

– Henry, Jeff, Aimee

Ali is one of my favorite nieces and every year since her first summer with us I have been asked, “Is Ali coming back this summer? We love her!”
– Joseph Faubel, Chief Financial Officer

My Experience as an intern at AMSkier has been truly wonderful. The welcoming and positive atmosphere has made a great impact on my life the past five years.
– Ali Brand, AMSkier Intern

Jackie’s thrilled to be back interning at AMSkier during her summer break from the University of Miami.
– Kevin Burke, Personal Insurance Agent Partner, Assistant Vice President

I am grateful for the opportunity to work at AMSkier again this summer. This is my third summer here, and AMSkier is such a great and welcoming environment.   
 – Jackie Burke, AMSkier Intern

I am very proud of my daughter Amber. I love that she can be a part of my AMSkier Family while she is on break from Moravian University.– Suzanne Capurso, Business Insurance Agent Partner, Assistant Vice President

My experience as a first year AMSkier intern has been great. I attribute this to knowing everyone in the office, it makes the experience more comfortable and enjoyable.
– Amber Capurso, AMSkier Intern