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Social Media Alchemy For Business: Make It Positive

social media alchemy

Having a positive attitude is one of the best ways to attract more positivity in our lives, and certainly in our businesses. Today, our social media presence is truly an extension of who we are and reflects on our business culture and brand in deeply significant ways.  Social media is also a universe of trends. You want to trend positively.

One of the most significant ways you may demonstrate your brand is how you respond to negative feedback posted publicly on social media. View responding to a negative social media comment as an opportunity, not a threat. Set an example for your employees, clients and entire network by reacting to negative social media sensitively.

Here are a few tips for interacting with customers who might not have the nicest things to say about your business.

  • Respond publicly before moving to a private conversation. Responding publicly is essential to showcase your brand as transparent, attentive and helpful.
  • Never delete negative comments – deleting a negative comment makes you look like you don’t want to “deal” with the negativity, but as a business, it’s important to face the music and deal with harsh criticism honestly. How you respond will shape future dialogue with your customers.
  • Is a customer being rude? You still need to provide a polite and professional response.
  • Never respond negatively or defensively. Listen to them, get to the core of their complaint, establish a human connection and help them feel heard and do what you can to make it better.
  • There may not be a way to 100% satisfy every customer or client. Sometimes, even reasonable requests just aren’t possible. In this case, apologize with sincerity and offer an alternative. This helps customers believe they’re cared for, even if you can’t do thing exactly as they’d like.
  • If a complaint is not overly serious you may respond to the criticism with humor, if and only if it works for your brand. Humor can be a fantastic way to shift the conversation and defuse a difficult situation if applied carefully. In the case of a casual, quirky sandwich shop, the response below is brilliant and brought a lot of positive, organic reach to their social pages.

Now, let’s say you’ve tried your best to reach a peaceful solution. You’ve reached out to them, you’ve offered solutions, but they are particularly obnoxious, slanderous or outright offensively attacking your brand, it’s OK to hide comments or ban the user. Hiding comments is allowed on Facebook and makes it so the original commenter and their friends can see their comments, but no one else.  Banning someone should be a last resort.

Here are three steps to follow:

  • Hide or delete derogatory language and offensive terminology.
  • Respond to the original poster by asking them to privately message your brand to resolve the situation.
  • Ban the poster if they ignore you and continue posting offensive comments.

Running a positive business is a daily practice, and it’s important to walk the walk, and certainly, in the age of social media, to talk the talk.

At AMSkier Insurance, we’ll soon be celebrating our 100 year anniversary. We’re excited to continue learning and growing for another 100 years and beyond. Stay in touch with us on our journey.

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