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Outdoor Winter Activities With Your Dog

Outdoor winter activities with dogsAgency Assistant Vice President, Suzanne Capurso loves spending time with her dogs and we bet you do too. But what are fun things to do with your dog in the winter? Bundle up and get outside! You will be amazed how fast time flies when you’re out having fun with your dog, even when it’s cold outside. Here are some fun outdoor activities you can do with your dog in the winter months.Fetch – Turns out that playing fetch works the same in cold weather as it does in warm weather. Just bundle up and get a brightly colored ball or Frisbee so you can find it in the snow.

Tracking – Sniff in all that cold winter air and train your dog to track scents. Tracking is like a game of hide-and-seek for dogs. Tracking challenges a dog’s problem-solving skills and keeps their keen sense of smell active. It also rewarding when they successfully track a scent. Call a local trainer or find a good tracking training book to get started.

Walk or Run – Same as in warm weather just with more clothes on, walking or running is a great way to exercise yourself and your dog. Dogs make great walking buddies!

Snowshoe Trek – If you can walk, you can snowshoe! The equipment is inexpensive to rent and you and your dog will enjoy the exercise and time outside in the snow. Make sure you have a long dog leash of dogs off-leash are not permissible where you walk.

Skijoring – It’s cross-country skiing combined with dog mushing/racing. Add a special dog harness and belt (for you) to your cross country equipment and you have Skijoring. Your dog pulls you through the snow. Fun for humans and any dog over 30 lbs.

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