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Discover On Tour – Tour Operator Insurance

Tour Operator Insurance

As a tour operator, you organize tours and travel because experiencing all the variety of life makes your heart sing. The travel bug bit you fervidly. Travel is a necessity of life now, and you ache for others to have the experiences you’ve had. You know that travel makes you a richer person, and others deserve access to this richness. So, you offer others the chance to soak up cultures, people, wildlife, nature and human experience—but you’re soaking up all the ample risk that come with it.

Running any business is risky, but tour operators must factor in special considerations. For example, what happens if you have to cancel a tour due to extreme weather conditions, an act of terrorism or insufficient numbers? What if a customer gets hurt while on your tour?

At AMSkier Insurance, our OnTour package for Tour Operators offers best-of-the-best features of Travel Insurance for businesses like yours. It is a great match for those arranging:

  • Adult Groups
  • Arranged and Outfitted Expeditions
  • Bicycle Tours
  • Health and Fitness Retreats
  • Service Trips
  • Sightseeing Tours
  • Ski Trips
  • Travel Escorts
  • Wholesale Tours
  • Youth Groups

If you would like peace-of-mind so you can continue living the life of your dreams, traveling the world and focusing on planning unforgettable tours, get in touch with us right away. You know more than anyone else, life is short, so don’t wait. Contact Suzanne at AMSkier Insurance at: suzannec at

Tour Operator Insurance


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