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Closing Maintenance Shops For Winter

Check That Your Camp Maintenance Shop Is Closed For Winter

Winter is officially arriving on Dec 21st of this year, though it seems to have made an earlier entrance in many parts of the country. Preparing for winter is no easy feat for camps. However, proper winterization for any camp planning to re-open in the spring is important and necessary. Among the most important jobs to complete is to properly close your camp maintenance shop for winter. Below is a list to help give you peace-of-mind, so you may check that your camp maintenance shop is closed for winter appropriately.

1. First, make sure your automatic fire sprinkler system, if there is one, has the proper anti-freeze mixture. The proper mixture will protect it well below the lowest possible temperature. If the pipes burst, severe water damage can occur. The mixture should be checked periodically throughout the winter to ensure it has not weakened or become diluted.
2. All window, door and loading areas of your camp maintenance shop should be sealed and weatherproofed.
3. Camp maintenance shop work areas should be thoroughly cleaned and store work materials in appropriate bins. Properly dispose of scrap lumber, unusable parts, no-longer-needed appliances and unidentified personal belongings.
4. Store and lock all combustible liquids such as gasoline, solvents, and thinners in identified metal safety cabinets. Notify the local fire department of the location and contents of these combustibles.
5. Secure neck caps on all oxygen or gas cylinders. These should also be stored in a metal shed with double hold back chains or straps securing them to a wall structure.
6. Empty all portable fuel containers into in-use vehicles and leave the empty containers open to air dry, prior to storing them.
7. Clear battery charging stations of all unnecessary batteries. All acidic chemicals should be stored in proper containers and stored in locked cabinets.
8. Neatly coil and store all electrical extension cords on proper hangers in your camp maintenance shop. Do not leave power cords plugged into live outlets.
9. If the facility will not be in-use over the winter, drain and blow out all water lines. Leave all exterior spigots open.
10. Shut down all unnecessary heating units, such as hot water tanks, furnaces, and boilers. Extinguish all pilot lights and shut off the gas or oil supply at their source.
11. Properly drain all vehicles or fuel-using equipment. Unused fuel should be transferred to in-use vehicles or properly disposed of.
12. Dispose of all used oil and paint rags and empty any containers used for their storage.
13. Place all damaged tools in a closet or storage bin in your camp maintenance shop identified as: “Do not use, under repair.”
14. Finally, clearly post a “sign-in sheet” and have any visitors sign-in and state their purpose when they enter the building.
Remember that preparing for tomorrow is doing your best today. We hope you found this reminder-list for your camp maintenance shop helpful and wish you a relaxing season off, and a safe and happy summer season to follow.
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