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Auto Insurance Coverage For College Students

Auto Insurance Coverage For College StudentsAuto Insurance Coverage For College Students

Parents should be careful when it comes to auto insurance for their young adults, considering how expensive auto insurance coverage for college students can be since they are higher-risk drivers. One important question many policyholders have is: Should I take my insured child off my auto insurance policy when he or she is away at college?


If (a) your student plans to bring a vehicle to college and use it; or (b) if she is commuting to or attending a nearby school that allows her to come home more often and use the car, then you should keep your college students covered under your auto insurance. Whether she plans to drive or not while attending college, many experts suggest keeping your child active and listed on your policy because the student will be:

Covered if/when she:

  • Returns home and needs to drive
  • Drives a friend’s automobile while away
  • Is forced to drive due to an emergency
  • Safeguarded if she’s struck by a car while on foot or on a bike or as a passenger in another person’s vehicle.

Lastly, your child will be building a record of uninterrupted insurance coverage, which can possibly reduce premiums when it’s time for her to obtain her own policy; In fact, some insurers will reject applicants with no previous history of continuous coverage. If your student will remain on your policy, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:
Take Your Student off Your Policy If:

If she will not be taking an auto to school—especially if she’ll be living on campus and not visiting home often, then it may be better off for you to take your child off your policy. This can possibly decrease your rates significantly, depending on your student’s age and driving record. However, be aware that many carriers will not allow you to even temporarily exclude a licensed driver in your household who is already listed on the policy.

If your student is allowed to be excluded from the policy, our suggestions are:

  • Remember to contact us to add her back to the policy prior to coming home if she plans to drive while home, such as during winter or summer breaks.
  • Discourage her from driving a friend’s car while away at school; the friend’s insurance should provide primary coverage for your student if she were to be involved in an accident or moving violation. But the friend’s auto policy may lacks adequate coverage to safeguard your student and anyone else involved in an accident that she causes.

We suggest that students should get their own separate policy if they permanently live elsewhere (not in their parents’ home), particularly if their new ZIP code yields lower rates, and if they have a vehicle titled in their own name.

To determine which option is best for you, contact us so we may review your coverage choices carefully.

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