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A Partner In Empowerment

AMSkier Partners with Veritable Screening

Background Checks for AMSkier Camps




AMSkier is proud to partner exclusively with Veritable Screening to give AMSkier Camps a more affordable and streamlined background screening service than ever before!

Veritable Screening makes the background screening process quick and easy by offering numerous ordering tools to fit the needs of your camp. Their simple email invitation system allows you to order a background check on someone with nothing more than their name and email address. The candidate will receive an email with a secure link to authorize their background check and provide the information Veritable Screening needs to conduct it. Don’t have time to key in your candidates’ emails? Veritable can batch upload a long list of emails for you all at once. Or, if you prefer, they can create a customized link that allows anyone who accesses it to authorize a background check on themselves.

Veritable Screening’s services are cost-effective, streamlined, and legally compliant with state and federal consumer protection laws.

* Before signing up, please contact one of our Service Directors for your Access Code – Anna, Niki, Liz or CJ at: 570-226-4571 *