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All Eyes On The Road


Safer Driving At Camp
What Is All Eyes On The Road?

An AMSkier exclusive Driver Training Education Program to complement your training. The program consists of a short video and quiz.

Why Should I Use All Eyes On The Road?

There is an incredible amount of responsibility when it comes to transporting children. In this Driver Training Education Program, participants will learn the protocol for daily inspections, how to avoid collisions and reducing the occurrence most commonly seen accidents.

How Do I Share All Eyes On You?

We will share a link and email template with you. You can use this link and an email template to share the training video and quiz with each prospective staff member.
Adding the “All Eyes On The Road” link to your staff application.
See instant quiz results and scores!


For more information, contact:
Carol Morgan –
Niki Bolduc –
(570) 226-4571