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A Partner In Empowerment

Spa & Resort Program

Have you created a culture of safety at your spa or resort?

After years of partnering with resorts, spas, and hotels on a regional basis, AMSkier has developed a world-class partnership for leading resorts and spas across the country. We offer property, general and professional liability and workers compensation for qualified risks.

Through our caring staff and dedication to creating a culture of safety, we have created an inspired insurance program with:

  • - Comprehensive General Liability and Professional Liability
  • - Abuse and Molestation coverage including:
    • - Assistance with written policies and procedures
    • - Techniques to screen for abuse through our hiring process
    • - Implementation of background checks
  • - Property coverage for Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)
  • - Special Causes of Loss coverage on buildings, contents, business income, and extra expense
  • - Owned/non-owned/hired auto
  • - Employment Practices Liability
  • - Implementation of pre-employment capabilities for employees
  • - Multi-state capability available
  • - Coverage available for both employed and sub-contracted professionals
  • - Business Income/Extra Expense included
  • - Cost reduction strategies for workers' compensation through limited self-insurance options
  • - Reduced healthcare costs with approved providers and proven prevention strategies
  • - Workplace safety best practices that improve claims outcomes


Learn what AMSkier Insurance can do for your spa or resort! Get in touch with us by filling out the form below!

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Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

Day Spa Association Sponsors | Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance
iSpa Sponsor | Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

AMSkier Insurance is a proud sponsor of The Day Spa Association and ISPA.