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Remember Your Reusable Bags

Being environmentally conscious is important to us at AMSkier Insurance Agency and we know it’s important to you too. We take many steps to ensure the health of our planet around the office by recycling, using paper sparingly, and reusing whenever possible. We do our best to take good green habits home with us too. […]
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Boat Safety

c If you properly winterized your boat, fantastic! However, you still need to follow this checklist before taking it out of storage.   The Boat First step: Clean Your Boat Your boat has been sitting in storage all winter, so wipe down the interior, run the vacuum and power-wash the bottom Repair any dings, dents, […]
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New Overtime Regulations

Beginning December 1, 2016, many employers will be required to pay overtime wages to a new class of employees who had previously been considered exempt from overtime laws. Simply put, unless an employee meets ALL THREE of the following tests, he/she must be paid time and a half for any hours worked in excess of […]
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Discover On Tour – Tour Operator Insurance

As a tour operator, you organize tours and travel because experiencing all the variety of life makes your heart sing. The travel bug bit you fervidly. Travel is a necessity of life now, and you ache for others to have the experiences you’ve had. You know that travel makes you a richer person, and others deserve access […]
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11 Tips for Fireworks Safety

The 4th of July is certainly a favorite summer holiday among children and adults all over the USA. The spectacle, the colors, the fanfare and the adventure of sitting under the stars while watching bright, beautiful explosions in the sky is enough to put anyone in awe. Unfortunately, the thrill of fireworks can be quickly […]
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