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A Partner In Empowerment


Ezersky Safety College

Ensure The Safety Of Your Grounds And Campers

Make Camp Safer. Train your staff through Ezersky Safety College.

Turn your staff into an extra set of eyes and be more equipped to identify safety hazards at camp. Maximize the safety of your grounds and campers by enrolling your staff in the Ezersky Safety College.

This is one of the many reasons why AMSkier is providing a continuing education program to certify Camp Safety Directors through our partnership with Gratz College. Invest in your camp’s safety today by putting an established staff member through our Ezersky Safety College.

As a result, you are:

  1. Instilling a culture of safety at your camp

  2. Improving your marketing potential to prospective camp parents

  3. Providing professional camp development for staff and a head start into the Master of Science program in Camp Administration and Leadership


The Camp Safety College offers seven courses on critical safety topics:

  • Facilities and Grounds Management covers common repairs, maintenance planning and inspections
  • Transportation and Travel Supervision reviews laws, driver safety and vehicle inspection maintenance and storage
  • Emergency Preparation, Management and Security conveys the public relations and security guidelines needed to respond to and manage incidents, injuries and catastrophes
  • Health and Sanitation, from communicable diseases to drugs and drug testing
  • Leadership Issues and Recommended Solutions, teaching safety leaders to educate counselors and parents in safety and security
  • Kitchen and Food Service, designed to help reduce health hazards in the camp kitchen
  • Latest Activity Program and Safety Issues introduces the newest and safest equipment for camp programs and other current issues
  • Courses must be completed over an 11-month period, but attendance and coursework can be tailored to meet the needs of the candidate.
  • Courses are offered at various locations, including the ACA National Conference, the Tri-State Camp Conference, and regional camp conferences throughout the U.S.
  • Have five years (or more) of camp experience
  • Be expected to continue at camp for the next three to five years (or more)
  • Have completed two years of college or the equivalent
  • Be willing to make the commitment needed to attend classes, and pursue 28 hours of continuing education
  • Possess good communication and presentation skills
  • Be a responsible and reliable member of the camp staff

Tuition costs $350 per person for the full camp safety director program. 

Ezersky Safety College Faculty

  • Norman Friedman, M.ED.
  • Alan Cooper, Esq.
  • Dave Malter, M.A.

Partnering with Gratz College

To enroll, candidates must apply to the Ezersky Camp Safety College by contacting the college coordinator:
Karen Gillmann, College Coordinator


For more information:

Contact Karen G.