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AMSkier is a professional organization that offers much more than competitive insurance for destination resorts and spas like The Lodge at Woodloch. They are true Partners, who understand who we are, and what we do. AMSkier Staff are onsite to assist our Mangement Team with Safety training - they co-chair our Workplace Safety Committee. AMSkier Partners provide legal consultation about timely topics that are specific to our industry, and they even provide public relations services to help us develop timely and meaningful responses when we are challenged. We feel safe in the culture they are helping us to enhance and sustain at The Lodge. Rob Baldassari, General Manager of The Lodge at Woodloch

Have you created a culture of safety at your spa or resort?

After years of partnering with resorts, spas and hotels on a regional basis, AMSkier has developed a world class partnership for leading resorts and spas across the country. We offer property, general and professional liability and workers compensation for qualified risks.

Through our caring staff and dedication to creating a culture of safety, we have created an inspired insurance program with:

  • - Cost reduction strategies for workers' compensation through limited self-insurance options
  • - Reduced healthcare costs with approved providers and proven prevention strategies
  • - Workplace safety best practices that improve claims outcomes

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Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

Spa and Resort Insurance | AMSkier Insurance

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AMSkier Insurance is a proud sponsor of The Day Spa Association and ISPA.