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AMSkier’s Broad and Bright library shares valuable summer camp resources and are open to the public. Broad and Bright is a smaller library curated from our full media center of SKI-Way articles, which is packed with valuable tips and resources for summer camps and camp leaders. This extensive library of SKI-Way articles, videos, podcasts and other summer camp resources is exclusive to our AMSkier summer camp clients. Each article is prepared by experts in the camp industry because we know informed and prepared camp leaders help make children’s summer camps safer and better. Several SKI-Way articles are published a month and full access to these articles, podcasts, and other media is exclusively available to AMSkier camp clients. Stay informed by legal experts, child psychologists, behavior specialists, and top leaders in the camp industry and consider insuring your camp with us.

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Ken Glotzer, ACA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Ken Glotzer, ACA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Twenty-eight years ago I was lucky to meet a gentleman who had the foresight, knowledge and ability to pick up the pieces of the camp industry devastated by the sexual abuse allegations of the 1980s. He envisioned a strategic partnership between the insurance and camp industries, working together […]
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The grass is always greener -- Do medical and recreational marijuana laws send workplace rules up in smoke?

Medical Marijuana at Summer Camp and in the Workplace

All Camps prohibit to some degree the use of “controlled substances” (i.e. drugs) both on and off campus, unless in accordance with a lawful prescription. But what if the prescription is for medical marijuana? Can camps continue to forbid the use of a substance that is prescribed in accordance with law? And what about those states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use? Can you ban your staff from using a perfectly legal substance?
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‘Tis the Season… for colds!


As a mother of two young children, I feel like there is never a time when every family member is healthy during the winter months. Fortunately, by using food as our main line of defense we can strengthen our immune systems and fight off those runny noses and coughs once and for all! Here are a few key tips to keep everyone healthy this season.
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In years past, when a severe storm would knock out power at camp for hours at a time, the only thing we could do was put campers back in their cabins, make sure the refrigerators and freezers were locked up and keep our fingers crossed that Central Maine Power would restore power as quickly as possible. But as summer weather patterns have become more erratic -- and power outages a more common occurrence -- the thought of installing a permanent, fully automatic, self-contained generator went from being an idea to a reality.
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As a life-long camper (two years in day camp, eleven years at sleep away camp, four years as a counselor) I remember one of the sweetest times as a camper was when our counselors would participate with us in recreational activities. Camper/counselor basketball and soccer games, chicken fights, tossing us about the pool – it was like having your big brother allowing you to hang out with him and his friends. Unfortunately, like many other popular activities of yesteryear such as trampolines, diving boards, canoe jousts and rat tail fights that are no longer allowed due to liability exposure, the time has come for camps to eliminate those activities that involve direct play between staff members and campers.
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