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By Norman Friedman, M.Ed. My last B&B SKI-Way blog on texting was in reaction to an AP article in a Pennsylvania newspaper. Those who responded were in agreement with our AMSkier Partner’s position that any and all electronics should be absent during the summer camp experience for other people’s children. Please note the article below […]
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Before You Hit The Waves – Boat Insurance

From a legal standpoint, you are not required to have liability insurance in order to purchase, register, or maintain ownership of your boat in most states. However, certain states will require you to have liability coverage on certain types of boats.
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Employment Practices Liability Insurance For Spas

Traditional liability insurance does not offer protection against discrimination and harassment suits. Separate coverage known as Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) will provide the protection you need for both the cost to defend these claims as well as to pay potential judgments or settlements.
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Revisiting Liability Insurance coverage amounts: Two million dollars? Five million. Ten million? How much is enough?

The past few years have seen a spike in the “value” of liability claims, meaning the amounts of jury awards and settlements. Wrongful death claims that used to settle for between $600,000 and $1,000,000 dollars are now being resolved at twice that amount or more. Recently a jury awarded the sum of 41.7
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Close The Window of Opportunity

Most theft in retail comes from internal sources. Almost half of all reported fraud is internal. The second most frequent form of reported fraud is shoplifting or external theft, and administrative error accounts for the smallest amount of loss to retail organizations.
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